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Treatment Cream with GMA7® and Retinol + RetinaldehydeTransform your skin with the beautifying power of professional-...


Treatment Cream with GMA7® and Retinol + Retinaldehyde
Transform your skin with the beautifying power of professional-strength nourishment plus Retinol and Retinaldehyde. Powered by GMA7® technology, Renutriate Professional restoratively beautifies the skin with an intensely effective formulation and enhanced microdelivery to deliver superior benefits. Scientifically crafted, clinically proven.

Key Technology
7 premium ingredients: Retinaldehyde, Retinol, Bakuchiol, Niacinamide, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, and Hidrox®
Prescription-quality retinol treatment
Cellular and nucleic acid receptor interaction for positive tissue results
Patented formulation for multi-targeted treatment
Repair of skin DNA
Skin microbiome balancing
GMA7® microdelivery penetrates to dermis
Timed nutrient release for optimal effect


How to Use


Before & Afters

Innovation of GMA7®

The revolutionary formulation of Genoplex Microdelivery Activator redefines what a cream can be.

Gene-Level Repair
The GMA7® effects on skin go far beyond blemish reduction and skin maintenance. Skin treated with GMA7® is shown to be rejuvenated as a result of treating the skin’s microbiome and repairing skin DNA.

Breakthrough Formulation
Patent-pending GMA7® represents a breakthrough in being the first and only formulation to deliver these skin-nourishing elements into one luxurious cream that returns skin to a state of optimal health and beauty.

Deep Nourishment
GMA7® utilizes microdelivery to bring nourishment to deeper layers of the skin. This technology also allows a slow release of our formulation, timing its delivery for maximum benefit to the dermis, resulting in powerful long-term benefits forevery layer of your skin.

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Founder & Visionary

"I strive to provide patients with advanced, safe, and effective skincare solutions that are tailored to their individual needs."

Dr. Dusan Sajic

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