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This is definitely on the premium beauty spectrum as can be seen with both the quality of the product and packaging as well as the price point. You do get what you pay for so expect excellent hydration and elasticity without any irritation. I ordered the professional and I have very sensitive, mature skin and had no breakouts or allergic reaction which I commonly get when trying retinol products.Excellent, high end beauty product. The amount that the pump dispenses is much more than you need for your face and neck. Just a tiny bit will go a long way.

Los Angeles, CA

This is definitely a splurge, but I feel like it’s probably worth it. At first, my skin did purge from the retinol, but that’s to be expected from a good quality one. I’ve been using other drugstore retinol products, and this one still made my skin purge a little.
Aside from that though, my skin is feeling amazing now and I do feel like I can see fewer fine lines around my eyes and forehead which are my two problem areas.
I like the bottle and pump. It’s easy to use and get the right amount out.
If you can swing the price tag, I say do it!

Prime Mom Finds
Columbus, OH

The Professional Retinol Cream is easy to apply and absorbs easily. It is pale yellow in color. There is no irritation after use. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and plump. I noticed reduction in fine lines and skin texture. My skin looks brighter and more vibrant. Not sure the percentage of retinol is in the product as it is not listed on the package or the listing.

Tampa, FL

My first impression of this facial cream is that it is so expensive but i give it a try and i think it is a pretty impressive facial cream. It instantly give my face a lift up and moisture my skin. My skin visibly look less tried and pump up. It is very thick and creamy but surprisingly absorbed to my skin very well. I think it is so expensive because the cream is highly concentrated with retinol. Overall stratified with the product.

Los Angeles, CA

I love this SPF lotion because it absorbs instantly and leaves a dry feeling on the top of the skin. It is not greasy or thick feeling. It is tinted, but when it’s soaked into my skin, it looks nice even though out of the pump it is actually a bit darker than my fair skin. It works great. I have sensitive skin and I did not have any irritation or rash.

Houston, TX


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Dr. Dusan Sajic
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Power of GMA7®

1. Gene-Level Repair
The GMA7® effects on skin go far beyond blemish reduction and skin maintenance. Skin treated with GMA7® is shown to be rejuvenated as a result of treating the skin’s microbiome and repairing skin DNA.

2. Breakthrough Formulation
Patent-pending GMA7® represents a breakthrough in being the first and only formulation to deliver these skin-nourishing elements into one luxurious cream that returns skin to a state of optimal health and beauty.

3. Deep Nourishment
GMA7® uses safe and sustainable microdelivery to bring nourishment to every layer of your skin, providing long-term benefits. Its like a trojan horse – it delivers the ingredients past the wall / barrier of epithelial cells and delivers its where its needed most – the deep layers of the skin. And with less irritation and better tolerance.

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