Doctors and Dermatologists Share their experience with Sajic's Products.


Dr. Rishi Gandhi 

MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Double Fellowship-Trained, Mohs Micrographic & Cosmetic, Dermatologic Surgeon As a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon, I am constantly seeking innovative solutions for my patients' skin concerns. I have recently had the opportunity to test out and try the Sajic Skin Science product line featuring the GMA7 Complex.

I am truly impressed with its comprehensive approach to skin health and its restorative properties. You can see that it was designed by a dermatologist who knows their bio, chemistry and skin. The research behind this product line is remarkable and I have noticed changes on my skin.
I especially like that Sajic Skin targets each layer of the skin with carefully selected ingredients. From epithelial barrier repair and moisturizing factors to collagen and elastin support and even microbiome balance, this formulation addresses a wide range of skin issues with scientific precision.
Furthermore, the GMA7 Complex provides exceptional protection against DNA damage, pollution and reactive oxygen species, thanks to a specially formulated version of hidroxytyrosol called hidrox. This powerful antioxidant is 700 times more effective than vitamin C and has demonstrated antineoplastic properties.
The Renutriate cream is unlike any other product I have encountered, designed to repair the skin at the molecular and cellular level, allowing it to optimally repair itself. For even more damaged skin, the Rejuvenat serum offers five potent peptides, including copper tripeptide, as well as DNA repair photolyase. Lastly, I truly feel that the sunscreen protectif is one of the if not the best products I have ever tested. Especially for a mineral based sun screen.
I highly recommend the Sajic Skin Science products to my patients for their outstanding effectiveness in promoting skin health and repairing damaged skin. The GMA7 Complex truly sets a new standard in the field of dermatology.



Dr. Marianna Blyumin-Karasik
“I am so grateful to Sajic Skin Science for creating a sunscreen with such incredible protective and rejuvenating value for our skin. As an Integrative Dermatologist I revere skin care with multimodal benefits: high performance chemical-free UV damage shield, luxurious skin moisturizer, skin resilience booster with adaptogen such as green tea and powerful repairing antioxidants like niacinamide.”
Dr. Yvette Miller-Monthrope
MD, MSc, FRCPC (Dermatology & Pathology), FABD
As a board-certified dermatologist and dermato-pathologist, I have tried and recommended numerous sunscreens over the years, but Protectif, a reparative mineral-based sunscreen from Sajic Skin Science, has truly impressed me.

I particularly like Protectif because of its innovative color match technology and the use of iron oxide. Together, this not only ensures that the sunscreen blends seamlessly with my skin tone, but also reduces and protects against hyperpigmentation and melasma. 

Because of all this, and because it also contains nourishing and reparative peptides, PROTECTIF has become my personal favorite sunscreen and one that I highly recommend to my patients, especially those with diverse skin tones.
Dr. Daniel Wong

I have been very pleased with Sajic skin science product line for both my patients and myself. I am particular fond of PROTECTIF, as I find it to be one of the best sunscreens I’ve ever used. It is one of the only mineral sunscreens I’ve found that blends in seamlessly, without leaving a residue on my skin. It truly feels more like a moisturizer for than a sunscreen, and yet still boasts excellent sun protection with its spf 50 coverage.