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The Proven Benefits

• Brighter Skin 
• Even Skin Tone
• Younger Looking Skin
• Diminishing Fine Lines
• Preventing Wrinkles
• Clearing Acne


Our Mission

To achieve through scientific innovation a system of breakthrough formulations that allow people to reach optimal skin health. Guide by our sustainable values, we follow uncompromising dedication to the use of natural ingredients, clean scientific processes, and conscientious products.

We take care of the science so
our products can take care of your skin.

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Rx Care for Your Skin

We Treat the Root of Skin Issues, Not the Symptoms

At Sajic Skincare, we take a unique approach to skin care that sets us apart from other brands. We don't simply target the symptoms of skin issues - we go straight to the root causes. As a dermatologist, Dr. Sajic knows that the key to truly healthy skin is to nourish it from the inside out. That's why we developed Renutriate - a powerful skincare line that works deep beneath the surface to address issues at the genetic level and restore the natural balance of your skin's microbiome. What sets Renutriate apart from other topical creams is our careful selection of the most effective active ingredients. Dr. Sajic and his team spent nearly a decade researching and testing thousands of ingredients to identify the very best ones for the job. We collaborated with formulation chemists who trained at MIT, Harvard, Osaka University and Adelaide University just to name a few. The end result is our breakthrough GMA7 formula that combines our innovative genetic and microbiome repair technology, along with the optimal nutrition it needs to repair and renew itself. Just like exercising and eating a healthy diet, providing your skin with the right nutrients is essential for maintaining its health and vitality. With Renutriate, you can correct up to a dozen different symptoms - all while giving your skin the care and nourishment it needs to look and feel its best. Try Renutriate today and see the difference for yourself!

Our Ethos


True to the Hippocratic oath, we are driven to help people heal their skin and relieve their hardship.


Rooted in the sciences of dermatology and biochemistry, our products are clinically proven through peer-reviewed studies.


Hear what other Dermatologists are saying about this ground breaking formula.


Creating breakthroughs, we apply scientific innovation to overcome skin problems and fill neglected gaps in the market.

Key Ingredients



This plant extract offers similar and complementary benefits as retinol. Bakuchiol increases cell turnover, stimulating collagen production and diminishing signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage.



Niacinamide minimizes enlarged pores, improves uneven skin tone, softens fine lines, and reduces the impact of environmental damage by its ability to improve skin barrier. It also plays a role in helping skin repair signs of past damage.



As a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent, Green Tea extract restores optimal function of the skin ecosystem and microbiome. This reduces outbreaks, reduces sebum production, and brightens skin.



An advanced extract packed with phyto-actives that boost and beautify skin, Green Coffee Bean increases microcirculatory function, enhances skin wound healing, and reduces puffiness.



An antioxidant formulation of polyphenol-rich water extracted from olive pulp, HIDROX® dramatically helps prevent UV radiation damage, reduce inflammation and breakouts, and its safety for skin is well established.



Formulated in Renutriate Advanced and Professional, Retinaldehyde is the optimal form of retinol. A pre-cursor to retinoic acid, it works to boost cell turnover and improve skin tone and texture, while stimulating collagen production.

Our Cream Does the Work of Seven

The Problem of Basic Formulations
Current competitor creams promise quick results while offering a shallow approach. Basic creams are not formulated to deliver nutrients to the deeper dermis in a time-released way. Just having the right ingredients is not enough to effect the results being claimed. And complex regimens call for 4 – 7 different creams.

The Solution Your Skin Needs
Renutriate has been thoroughly researched to optimize your skin at the DNA and microbiome level. With a proprietary time-released delivery system, our cream delivers the right nutrients to the proper layers of your skin to give it the repair it deserves. Designed in collaboration with top formulation chemists working in concert with Dr. Sajic, our creams provide a clinical level of quality and effectiveness.

Refill Innovation

We are working with the leading manufacturers to create an innovative line of products in refillable bottles.  
Our new environmentally friendly packaging will reduce waste by as much as 70%, mitigating our carbon footprint while leading the ongoing evolution toward a carbon neutral industry.