Top 7 Benefits of Retinol

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It wasn’t long ago that retinol became popular as a dermatologist solution for treating acne. Yet the variety of retinal types and benefits has been fully researched and explored through a new wave of exciting over-the-counter products that deliver incredible results.

Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A that come in a range of compounds and formulations. Retinol is just one of these and is a highly regarded ingredient for good reason. Its use in creams and serums helps promote cell turnover and prevent the clogging of pores. First approved for the treatment of acne in the 1970s, it is quite safe and makes sense as a part of the skincare routines to provide a variety of benefits—not just treat blemishes.

Retinol is proven effective because it affects the regeneration of skin cells so that they return to a younger, healthier state. This leads to smoother, more youthful skin with an even texture, natural radiance, and the decrease in signs of aging.

Here are the 7 top benefits of using a leading retinol product like Renutriate as part of your skincare routine.

Clearing Acne
For those suffering treatment-resistant acne, retinol provides maximum benefits to clear skin and reduce scarring.

Looking Younger
By boosting collagen production and stimulating the turnover of cells, retinal effectively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, leading to considerable anti-aging effects.

Decreasing Hyperpigmentation
People with mottled skin or patches that appear blotchy and wish to even their skin tone can experience a balancing of skin coloration with retinol.

Brightening Skin
The healing of skin deep below the surface in the dermis leads to healthier skin throughout and a natural, vibrant glow.

Reducing Breakouts
By turning over skin cells more rapidly, people experience less clogging of sebum. And with less oily pores, they see a reduction in new breakouts.

Refining Texture
Bumps and inconsistent skin surfaces can also be resolved, with the skin being nourished and returning to a naturally smoother state.

Easy Accessibility
Retinol products do not require a prescription, and a variety of over-the-counter solutions allow you to find the right one for your skin health needs.

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