Headed to Hawaii this summer? Make sure your sunscreen is reef-safe

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Headed-to-Hawaii-this-summer-Make-sure-your-sunscreen-is-reef-safe Sajic Skin Science

Additional helpful resources on how to suss out whether a sunscreen is reef-safe or not include the Environmental Working Group, the Protect Land + Sea certification, and Save the Reef. Fortunately, some skincare experts notice an uptick in consumer awareness about reef-safe sunscreens. “We have observed a growing trend of consumers opting for 'reef-safe' products,” notes Dusan Sajic, a dermatologist and assistant adjunct professor of clinical medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. “It is heartening to see that people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are making choices that help in preserving our planet's ecosystems.”

Just as its name implies, this sunscreen, which was created by Dr. Dusan Sajic, is designed to protect both skin and ocean life. The product’s origin story has roots in Hawaii, where Sajic has attended dermatology conferences over several years. In January 2022, Protectif was launched, inspired by Hawaii’s dedication to protecting its marine life; Sajic also aimed to create a product that moisturizes and repairs sun-damaged skin. The SPF 50 sunscreen utilizes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; additional beautifying ingredients include extracts of olive, coffee seed and green tea. Reviewers love the non-greasy feel and smooth, makeup-friendly matte finish.

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