3 Popular Anti-Aging Treatments That Can Treat Forehead Wrinkles And Fine Lines

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3 Popular Anti-Aging Treatments That Can Treat Forehead Wrinkles And Fine Lines

If you’ve recently noticed some fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead and are less than pleased with them, don’t fret – aging is a natural process that affects everyone’s skin. As collagen production decreases from our twenties onwards, it’s common to see the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, above the lips, or along the forehead in our mid to late twenties and beyond.

However, simply accepting these signs of aging isn’t your only option. Dermatologists can provide insight into non-surgical treatments for forehead wrinkles and fine lines that you can explore. We checked in with skincare specialists to learn more.

Read on for tips, suggestions and insight from Dr. Dusan Sajic, MD PhD FRCPC FAAD ABAARM, a dual board-certified dermatologist and anti-aging medicine physician at DéRMA Skin Institute Institute and Dr. Kimberly Lee, celebrity facial plastic surgeon and founder of Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Elaine F. Kung, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Future Bright Dermatology and Dr. Jenelle Kim, skincare formulator and founder of JBK Wellness Labs.


3 Ways To Treat And Smooth Forehead Fine Lines, According To Dermatologists

1. Microneedling

Microneedling functions through the creation of controlled micro-injuries on the skin that activate the body's innate healing response, Sajic says  “This, in turn, leads to increased collagen and elastin production, improved skin texture and tone, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles,” the expert explains.

This procedure is also effective for treating scars, according to Sajic. The number of sessions required depends on the extent of scarring and the desired results, typically ranging from three to six sessions. Lee agrees that it can treat acne scars, large pores, and fine lines while also creating a more radiant appearance from plumping the skin with very superficial swelling.

“Microneedling can help improve skin appearance, tone, and texture,” Lee explains. “Microneedling can help break up superficial scar tissue to improve scars, wrinkles, and other skin texture concerns. I do our microneedling differently in that we either combine it with PRP or a collagen stimulating agent. These adjuvant treatments contain peptides and growth factors that maximize results.”