The Science Behind Sajic

In an era where skincare options seem limitless and ever-evolving, discerning professionals know that time is a true luxury. They seek solutions that aren't just effective but also rooted in in-depth research. This understanding forms the cornerstone of Sajic Skin Science.


Here's How Sajic Skin Science Stands Out

Our approach to skincare isn't a mere nod to the classics. While revered ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and sunscreen have rightfully earned their acclaim, Sajic Skin Science believes in looking beyond the conventional. Our vision is holistic skincare – a comprehensive view of the skin as an interconnected ecosystem with diverse needs.

Defense Reinvented
Our products aim to bolster the skin's protective barrier, offering robust defense against environmental adversaries.
Hydration & Rejuvenation Perfected
Dive into formulations that amplify natural hydration and revitalize the skin's intrinsic rejuvenating potential.
Youthful Resilience
By boosting collagen synthesis, we aim to sustain the youthful vigor and bounce of the skin.
Microbiome Harmony
Our blends consider the skin's microbiome, fostering a balanced, thriving environment.
Balanced Immunity
We focus on harmonizing immune responses, curbing excessive reactions that lead to skin concerns.
Guard Against Silent Agers
Our line is crafted to combat the insidious toxins and free radicals, ensuring skin remains radiant and ageless.
DNA Care
Venturing into avant-garde skincare, our products support the repair of compromised DNA, looking after the skin's long-term health.

Breaking Down GMA7®

Sajic Skin Science nurtures your skin's microbiome, fortifies its protective barrier, provides nourishing ingredients, enhances collagen and elastin, supports the immune system, defends against free radicals, and promotes DNA repair for timeless, vibrant skin.

Our skin's microbiome isn't just a cluster of bacteria; it's an intricate orchestra, harmoniously playing to keep our skin balanced and radiant. Imagine walking around with an invisible shield that's constantly adjusting to the environment, repelling potential threats and maintaining a state of equilibrium. This shield is powered by the microbiome, a symbiotic community that's crucial for healthy skin. Sajic Skin Science focuses on harmonizing this microscopic world, ensuring that every note plays beautifully, allowing your skin to thrive in its natural rhythm.
Healthy Wall/Barrier
A fortified skin barrier isn't just about protection; it's about crafting a resilient defense system. Much like a castle with its robust walls and moats, the skin requires an impenetrable barrier to ward off environmental assailants. Every day, we face a plethora of threats, from pollutants to harmful UV rays. Our products, enriched with meticulous research, reinforce this barrier, providing an unyielding defense, making sure that while the world might change around you, your skin remains steadfastly radiant.
Nourishing Factors
Nutrition is the cornerstone of health, both internally and on the skin's surface. Just as our body craves a balanced diet, our skin yearns for nourishment that goes beyond the superficial. Dive into the Sajic Skin Science realm, where nourishing factors are a symphony of ingredients that invigorate, strengthen, and empower each cell. By ensuring that every cell is adequately nourished, we set the stage for skin that doesn't just look healthy but feels incredibly vital from within.
Structured - Collagen & Elastin
Youthful skin is more than just an absence of lines; it's about bounce, resilience, and a firm structure. As time advances, the natural scaffolding of our skin, made up of collagen and elastin, starts to wane. Sajic Skin Science embraces the power of these structural proteins, creating products that not only boost their synthesis but also protect them from degradation. Step into a world where every day is a step back in time, with skin that defies age and brims with youthful elasticity.
Immune System Support
The immune system is the unsung hero of our skin, constantly patrolling and protecting. But like any diligent guardian, it needs support. Sajic Skin Science creates a nurturing environment, balancing the skin's immune responses. This ensures that while it's ever ready to combat threats, it doesn't overreact, preventing inflammation and skin concerns. With our products, feel the assurance of a harmonized immune system, providing both protection and peace.
Antioxidant/Free Radical Defense
Antioxidants are the guardians of our skin's future, actively warding off the ravages of time. Free radicals, often a result of environmental stressors, can prematurely age our skin. Our unique blends are teeming with potent antioxidants, acting as vigilant sentinels against these silent agers. Dive into a world where every application is a promise to a brighter, radiant tomorrow.
DNA Repair Support
The future of skincare isn't just about addressing surface concerns; it's about venturing into the very core of our cells. DNA, the blueprint of our existence, can be compromised due to various factors. Our avant-garde approach provides the necessary tools to support DNA repair, ensuring that the foundation of every skin cell remains unshaken. Embrace the revolution of skincare, where every product is a testament to long-term health and vitality.

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