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The perfect trio of skincare products to rejuvenate and maintain healthy, glowing skin. The set contains the serum Re...


The perfect trio of skincare products to rejuvenate and maintain healthy, glowing skin. The set contains the serum Rejuvenat, with powerful anti-aging peptides; the intense nourishing of Renutriate Sensitive to naturally activate the beauty of regenerative medicine; and the broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen Protectif Untinted for the highest level of sun protection plus premium moisturizing and fortifying ingredients. All backed by decade of skin research and powered by GMA7® technology.

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As years advance or when the skin bears the brunt of excessive sun exposure, its innate vitality and responsiveness may dwindle. Enter Rejuvenat - akin to a resurfacing laser encapsulated in a bottle. 

Packed with an advanced peptide system, it reignites cellular activity, especially tailored for those in their late 40s or those who've had significant exposure to environmental stressors. Rejuvenat is not just a treatment; it's a call to awaken every cell, ensuring the skin retains its youthful vigor even against the test of time. It understands the unique challenges that mature skin faces, offering targeted solutions that rehydrate, re-energize, and revitalize. 

By harnessing the power of advanced peptides and other potent ingredients, it bridges the gap between professional treatments and daily skincare. Every application is like offering your skin a rejuvenating spa treatment, right in the comfort of your home. Over time, skin not only recovers its former elasticity and glow but also gains resilience against future stressors.

Innovation of GMA7®

The revolutionary formulation of Genoplex Microdelivery Activator redefines what a cream can be.

Gene-Level Repair
The GMA7® effects on skin go far beyond blemish reduction and skin maintenance. Skin treated with GMA7® is shown to be rejuvenated as a result of treating the skin’s microbiome and repairing skin DNA.

Breakthrough Formulation
Patent-pending GMA7® represents a breakthrough in being the first and only formulation to deliver these skin-nourishing elements into one luxurious cream that returns skin to a state of optimal health and beauty.

Deep Nourishment
GMA7® utilizes microdelivery to bring nourishment to deeper layers of the skin. This technology also allows a slow release of our formulation, timing its delivery for maximum benefit to the dermis, resulting in powerful long-term benefits forevery layer of your skin.

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Founder & Visionary

"I strive to provide patients with advanced, safe, and effective skincare solutions that are tailored to their individual needs."

Dr. Dusan Sajic

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