11 Expert Tricks for Nailing the Trending Dewy Makeup Look for Spring

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11-Expert-Tricks-for-Nailing-the-Trending-Dewy-Makeup-Look-for-Spring Sajic Skin Science

Treat Yourself (to Professional Treatments)

While you should spend time at home to establish a consistent skincare routine, an occasional trip for a facial or other professional treatment will also allow your skin to serve as a healthy foundation for your makeup products.
“As a dermatologist who recently collaborated with New York Fashion Week, I understand that radiant skin requires commitment and a multi-pronged approach, much like exercise and diet. Now is the perfect time to work towards your summer glow using face masks, professional facials, and skincare ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and nourishing peptides,” advised Dr. Dusan Sajic, an international board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist, founder of Sajic Skin Science, and director of the Derma Skin Institute. “For damaged skin, treatments like microneedling or lasers can help put your skin in that radiant dewy condition sooner.”

Soak in SPF

To protect your glowing, hydrated skin, make sure to apply SPF daily before adding makeup. Otherwise, your skin is vulnerable to uncomfortable and even dangerous sun damage, from an irritating sunburn to an increased risk of skin cancer.
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