Sajic Skin Science Unlocks Runway-Ready Glow At NYFW—And At Home

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Sajic-Skin-Science-Unlocks-Runway-Ready-Glow-At-NYFW-And-At-Home Sajic Skin Science

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New York Fashion Week is comprised of over 300 fashion shows; all of them offer up a beautiful display of style, innovation, and craftsmanship from designers big and small. Of course, the focal point of each show is the clothes. But behind the scenes, a myriad of moving parts must come together to allow those gorgeous designs to shine to their full potential. There’s the lighting, the music, the models, the hair, and the makeup. But what about the skincare? 

That’s the question Dr. Dusan Sajic and the rest of the Sajic Skin Science team answered at designer Bach Mai’s Fall/Winter ‘23 Presentation. In addition to stunning choreography by Haus of Bambi, ethereal lighting, and, of course, the dreamiest of dresses, Mai’s presentation had one thing not all shows did: a full skincare team.

We touched base backstage with Dr. Dusan to get the low-down on why skincare is so important for fashion shows, learn more about the full Sajic Skin Science line, and discover the importance of treating all seven layers of your skin with a simple routine.

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The Importance of Skincare at Fashion Shows

Just as a painting is reliant on its canvas, clothes need the right model to breathe life into them. Meanwhile, that model needs the right makeup to allow the design to flourish, and that makeup needs properly prepped skin to serve as its own canvas. That’s where the Sajic Skin Science team came in for Bach Mai’s presentation. 

Backstage, models received the full Sajic Skin Science treatment so that their skin was hydrated, protected, and fully prepped before moving on to the beauty team to receive their makeup. Dr. Dusan, Sajic’s founder, says that ample skincare prep like this is an essential ingredient to a great fashion show. “The more [the models] radiate inner beauty, the more it also helps the clothes,” he told us. “It’s a total package, and that’s what we try to provide.”

Speaking of the total package, Sajic Skin Sciene’s line really does offer it all: Rejuvenat, a peptide-rich anti-aging serum; Renutreat, a nourishing cream; and Protectif, a tinted broad spectrum sunscreen. Dr. Dusan says that together, these products work to treat all seven layers of your skin without clogging your pores. It’s perfect for fashion models–and even those of us at home.

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Unlock the Power of Sajic Skin Science at Home

You don’t have to be a model to reap the benefits of Sajic Skin Science. You can use these products right at home and unleash your own supermodel glow through proper nourishment and treatment. The best part about this line is that it’s made of just three simple products, which means you won’t overwhelm your skin. “If you have too much product on, it clogs the skin, and your skin can’t breathe,” Dr. Dusan says, noting the importance of a “less is more” approach.

Start with Rejuvenat, an anti-aging serum made to “rejuvenate and enhance your skin at the cellular level for a more youthful appearance.” This product helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and more thanks to DNA-repairing enzymes and five powerful peptides. 

Next up, Renutriate will moisturize and nourish your skin to restore its natural beauty with the power of GMA7. The advanced cream contains retinol, and for those with sensitive skin, retinaldehyde is another great ingredient. Dr. Dusan says that after being treated with these ingredients, your skin literally “starts acting younger,” as seen under a microscope.

Finally, keep your skin protected with Protectif, a broad spectrum sunscreen complete with UVA and UVB protection. A pure mineral base that includes titanium and iron oxide will even work to shield your skin from harmful blue light. But Protectif doesn’t just protect your skin; it also works to repair previous sun damage. Tinted or untinted, this cream uses color-matching technology and leaves no cast.

Together, Sajic Skin Science’s complete line creates the perfect, minimalist skincare routine. With these three products, there’s no need for complicated cocktails of serums or pore-clogging creams. You’ll be nourishing each of your skin’s layers to repair and rejuvenate–and you’ll feel runway-ready in no time

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